Illustration by Amanda Claire Renfrow, Designer & Friend

Illustration by Amanda Claire Renfrow, Designer & Friend


What's the meaning behind "Cambridge Row"?

"Cambridge" is the street name of Laurin's grandparents' home. From their floor-to-ceiling windows to their beautiful rose garden, it was the first place she noticed architecture and design. Every room was planned to the most intricate detail, especially during the holidays. It was then Laurin realized the great power of design: the ability to make anyone feel not just welcome, but valued.

"Row" represents the row houses in Washington, D.C., the city where Bryan and Laurin first met. Many of their first dates included wandering through Georgetown and looking at the beautiful homes. Laurin always loved imagining their interiors and still hopes to design one someday. 

These memories became the building blocks of Cambridge Row's mission: helping others feel valued by adding beauty to the spaces where they live and work.