In August, Tropical Storm Harvey devastated the Houston metro area. The greatest tragedy, of course, was the dozens of men, women, and children who lost their lives in Harvey's waters. On top of this, thousands of families were forced to evacuate their homes. Some houses will need minor repairs, while others must be rebuilt, entirely. Either way, for many Houstonians, it will be months, if not years, before their "home" feels like home again. 

Cambridge Row is committed to helping flood victims find a safe place to live. Whether it's restoring their previous residence, or building a new one, our goal is to help them return "home". No matter where it is or what it looks like, home should be a place of respite, togetherness, and safety. Our goal is to help people make that a reality again as soon as possible. 

So in these coming months, we will be coming alongside one family at a time to assist them in the midst of their home's restoration, at no cost. If you have been impacted, or know someone who has, please use the nomination form below to share about the situation. If we have selected you for our "Home After Harvey" program, you will hear from us by September 9, 2017. We will continue to select families one at a time after each renovation is completed. 

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Please remember that Cambridge Row and any of our volunteers are not responsible for paying for supplies, materials, furnishings, or decor. We will do our best to find donations and volunteers to donate their time. Our role is to walk alongside the family and help alleviate any stress involved in renovating, making new selections, and furnishing the home. We will, of course, do our best to find discounts and donations for flood victims. Thank you for your understanding and for your application!


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Examples include: Tile, Furniture, Design Services (Either Via FaceTime if out of town or in person if local), Counter Tops, Paint, Decor, Lighting, Installation, Flooring Installation, Tile Installation, Home Staging, Windows, Doors, Building Supplies, Your Time & Talents, Etc.
This includes time availability, the amount of inventory you are able to provide, if you'd like to work with us on just one project or every one. Also note any rules or guidelines you'd like us to know about so we can make sure you are honored throughout this process. You are true heroes!